Decking and Walkways

  • NewLife Plastics is the perfect material from which to build decks, overlays or walkways, in both wet areas (so unsuitable for wood) and in dry conditions, as our product is manufactured to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.
  • Ideally suited as weather-bearing slats, our plastic planks are designed to be used on top of a treated wooden sub-structure.
  • With a texture similar to wood, we have found the plastic decking to be less slippery than wood, as it becomes slightly tacky when wet – just enough to create some traction.
  • The darker colours do become warm in the sun, but they remain cooler than options like brick paving, slasto, slate, and many other outdoor ground coverings.
  • With the option of an added UV stabilizer, no additional maintenance is required other than sweeping and cleaning.
  • This product never needs repainting, is non-toxic, and resistant to chemicals such as pool acid.
  • This product does not rot, warp, splinter, crack or fade significantly.
  • Poles and planks are available for the D.I.Y. enthusiast or made and fitted to order.